By Kelly MacLeod
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Drawing Topos is an art, hard to master.

I started drawing Topos, after climbing my first two big routes, NE Face of Ha Ling, and Reprobate on EEOR. We never had a drawn out map of the climb to correspond with the route description. So there I was, sitting at home after climbing a big route, pit on some CD's, drink some home made beer. I would draw up many trial topos of the climb, with the route description and using the mind to retrace the climb, and visually see the route, I could come out and put it down on paper.
Area's The Topo's Will Cover:

IBEX Utah Updated April 2011

Kelly Out on a side trip for a picture, not actually on route, but close.

On the big mother ledge that faces towards Calgary, here you can walk around the Face almost like a plank leading out into nothing. From here the next pitch leads to the big Corner on the NE Face Route of Ha Ling Peak. Instead of climbing up of the ledge, Step almost down but sideways to an excellent TCU placement. From here step down and around the arete for some really nice exposed pictures. Then climb back out to your piece and back to the belay ledge, and then head up on the climb.

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New Route Discriptions: Coming soon

I have been establishing a few sport routes here in the bow Valley and will be making up some Tops of the area. I will post them on this site for anyone to go on and print off a page.


Climbing is a dangerous sport and there is loose rock everywhere, WEAR A HELMET, These Topo's are hopfully a way to help read the rock, to find your way up these massive and wild walls.

NE Face of Ha Ling Peak 450m 5.6

This is what most of my Topos look like now, I hand drew everything I do, now I have to make some cool looking internet ones. I hand draw my new Topos, then scan the topo, use a paint drawing program and redraw the topo useing color and text to make a nice looking computer drawn Topo.  Most of the descriptions are the same as what you find in the guidebook.  The info descriptions is what I used to climb the route and draw topo's as We do the route. 

Check out Black Feather for the new look in my Topo's.

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